• Advisory and support to complete pre-start up tasks including a business plan
  • Meeting facilitation with community members, potential clients and other stakeholders to increase communication and engagement
  • Guidance for research through surveys, focus groups and interviews to better understand supply, demand and pricing strategies
  • Advisory and accountability support for entrepreneurs developing community-based services
  • Communication strategies for potential customers, partners and competitors
  • Concept development and editing for funder outreach, LOIs and proposals
  • Discussion of governance and ownership, management and staffing strategies***
  • Review and support for budget creation***
  • Guidance for website structure and content
  • Interpretation of technical or subject-specific language to create more accessible training and marketing materials
  • Idea generation and editing of annual report documents
  • Documentation of stories/testimonials from clients, customers and staff

*** I am not an attorney, accountant or insurance expert and I do not provide legal advice, financial services or risk analysis. I strongly recommend that anyone planning for a new program, service or entity consult directly with their attorney, accountant and insurance agent to obtain these services.

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