What Clients Say

“We greatly appreciated working with Jackie to complete our feasibility assessment. The knowledge, experience and facilitation style she provided helped us greatly to understand the needs in our community and the potential to fulfill our mission.”

Catherine Johnson, Executive Director

“Big thanks to Jackie for creating an incredibly well-researched and compelling concept paper for funding. In the past 10 months we’ve adapted it to raise over $100,000 to begin to address the impact of opioids on vulnerable workers.”

Jodi Sugerman-Brozan, Executive Director

“Jackie is a top notch strategic thinker and writer and extremely easy to work with. She helped us think through the development of a complicated plan and translated it into a clear, cogent, proposal that successfully achieved funding.”

Marcy Goldstein-Gelb, Co-Director

“Jackie offered essential communication services to our team in the US and South Africa, supporting the development of new training materials, marketing pieces and websites in service to people living with HIV who are confidently leading healthy lives.”

Martina Bouey, Former Deputy Director
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