This week I had the opportunity to co-facilitate a virtual “Lunch and Learn” session with the MetroWest Nonprofit Network. My co-facilitator, Andrea Shapiro, and I reviewed a basic framework for thinking through very complex decisions involved with returning to the workplace. We suggested three areas to explore:

  1. The current situation, what strategies are working now and should continue
  2. Strategies for increasing safety, health, comfort and productivity while returning to the workplace
  3. Potential long-term impacts to the workplace and to the organizational budget

We also spoke about the need to engage staff in these conversations with the aim to build communication and trust during these challenging times. See the recent article that Andrea and I wrote with a list of specific questions to help start the conversation.

Andrea and I were excited to connect with MetroWest nonprofit leaders and we look forward continuing to develop resources to support organizations during this time of transition.

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